LEARN CMS was built to go beyond just protecting online content, or putting it behind a paywall.

This platform truly allows you to also drive user engagement so you get more students completing your courses, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, more customer referrals and ultimately more profit.

LEARN CMS is also designed to be drop – dead simple. Easy for you to get everything set up quickly, intuitive for your customers to use.

That is why the multi-national leading publisher HayHouse uses LEARN CMS, as does their star authors such as Colette Baron-Reid and Doreen Virtue.

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Marketing Automation

Why do I swear by Infusionsoft?

Simple, it makes doing really complex marketing and other business automation SIMPLE.


It has a drag and drop campaign builder tool which not only lets you create the series of interactions for your customers/visitors/students – but it also gives you feedback in real-time as to the effectiveness of your campaigns.

If you are just sending an email to your whole list, and then maybe a follow up email – then you are really missing an opportunity to improve your relationship with your customers, and increase the revenue at your bottom line.

Here is a quick example of how going the extra email can make a difference:

Let’s say you put an offer out there – you will have 3 groups of people:

Those who purchase

Those who click but don’t buy

Those who do nothing

With Infusionsoft, you set up in advance follow ups to all three groups with different communication. The goal is to welcome the purchasers and make them feel great about having bought your product or service, add an extra incentive or bonus to nudge those who showed interest but balked the first time, and to re-engage with those who may have missed your first message.

Simple, effective and powerful – and that’s just a teeny example.

When it comes to running an online content program – there is simply no other solution than Infusionsoft to handle all the micro-interactions, and do so in a way that after things are set up, anyone can go back in a month later, or even a year later and see exactly how everything is working.

Note, if you hire Crazy Effective to setup your account, you may be eligible for a waiver on some or all of the Infusionsoft setup fees.

Results Oriented Web Design

What is a results oriented web design – and what makes a site built by Crazy Effective…. crazy effective?

Most people start a conversation with a web design first talking about design from the aesthetic point of view. Wireframes and mock-ups are done, and the project is complete if it “looks good.”

All too often, a design firm – or a client – will throw things into a website because they believe they “should” have them – things like a blog, or an email sign up, product demo video.

The problem with these approaches is that they miss taking account who the website is for.

Most business think of the website as “theirs” being for their business, to accomplish their business objectives.

While this is not incorrect – the reality is that most business will never use their own websites!

It therefore crucial to separate understanding the business objectives from the objectives of someone who has come to visit the site.

Let me put it this way – just because your business wants or needs the visitor to sign up to your email list, or to browse your product or service offerings, doesn’t necessarily mean your visitor wants to do those things.

A results oriented website is one that first and foremost looks at things from the visitor’s perspective, and then uses design, imagery and copyrighting to guide the visitor into the business objective.

We do that by asking the following two questions:

Who is visiting your website?

How are they finding your website (currently or how do you intend to drive them to your website)

If your web designer has not asked you these fundamental questions – then you may end up with a site that only looks nice, instead of a site that looks great and accomplishes your business objectives.


There are two huge errors many websites have when it comes to analytics.

The first, and most obvious is that they are not in use.

If you have never:

  • Looked at your own Google Analytics Account
  • Never put the utm codes in a link in an email blast, or paid advertising
  • Never used a Facebook tracking pixel
  • Run a split test with a service like Optimizely

Then you may really benefit from taking us up on the offer to chat for 30 minutes. Not all websites need analytics, believe it or not — but most do.

Some need more detailed analytics – such as those provided by paid services like KISS metrics where you need to track longer sales cycles.

The second error I can help with is turning the information that comes from analytics into action.

You can think of analytics as providing you the map that tells you where you are. Many people stop here. They say – OK I have this many users, or I have this conversion rate.

The next step is to then decide what actions to take to improve things, most often to improve the amount of profit your site makes.

Clients I have loved working with include: