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More About Learn CMS

LEARN CMS has a unique approach to the most important touch point with your visitor, or customer – setting up the user account and getting access to the content.

If you’ve sold access, then your customer is going to be very eager to dive in and get started – at this point your brand value & their desire to interact with your content are at the highest point they may ever be. Don’t squander that good will with a bunch of hoops to jump through:

Go check your email — oops didn’t get the email? Check your spam, add this email to your contacts…and finally wait around for customer service to resend you the account creation email.

Finally got your email? Now click this link and copy this random WordPress generated password.

Now log in with that, and once you’ve done that, set your new password.


Not only is this tedious for your visitors, it’s likely going to cost you a lot in customer service – and everyone who has to wait to get their email resent, or can’t just dive right in is loosing the good will — fast.

How do I know this? I’ve been there and done it. This is how most courses – including the first ones I launched all worked.

The idea is you DO want to be sure your customer has given you a valid email, and that your emails are able to reach your customer.

So LEARN CMS has developed a way to allow your customer to get truly instant access, but will still ensure you get a valid email for each and every customer.

The best part? It’s all automated! Set it and forget it!

One Is A Lonely Number

One is a lonely number – and it’s a terrible number for your business. Even if you only have one course now, I hope you are already planning on the advanced version of your course — or perhaps the “lite” version of your course – or the cross sell of your course.

Trust me, you are going to need more than one course!

That is why LEARN CMS is designed to be so easy to make each course take on a unique look and feel.

It is also why the platform is extremely modular – as not all courses will contain the same content, or have the same content elements – like videos, downloads, audio players, coaching calls etc – and not every course will have them in the same order.

Once again, LEARN CMS was developed by actually running successful courses “in the wild” – not just in theory. We absolutely know this is the best approach to how to create a course platform, because we’ve already used a few, and then built a few that were not perfect.

The result of this experience is LEARN CMS.

Our experience has also shown us how many people are using an iPad, tablet, or smart phone to access online content. Increasingly the desktop is at work, and the only computer at home is the tablet or the smart phone. This is especially true of those customers who are finally retiring their 10 year old PC’s running XP. Many of them are not opting for another giant tower or putting up the cash for a new laptop — they’re going iPad mini, Android Tablet and Kindle Fire.

This is why the LEARN CMS is built on a flexible layout system that automatically adapts to different screen sizes – scaling images and when necessary altering important elements like site navigation & course navigation to deliver an excellent and intuitive experience on the smaller screens.

Does LEARN CMS Do....

Can LEARN CMS do drip courses?


Can it do ever green / rolling admission courses?


Can it do courses with levels?


Can it do date based drip content?


Can it do daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription content?


Can it do trial membership content?


Can it do one time payment content?


Can it expire content after a certain amount of time?


Can it automatically prompt someone to put in a new credit card if an automatic subscription payment fails?

YES! (and it will lock them out of some or all the content until they do)

Can I have an affiliate program?

YES! (and even multiple tiers of affiliates!)

Can customers be enrolled across multiple courses  at the same time (all with one password)?


Can content be unlocked after a quiz is taken, or after some action has been achieved?


Can students earn points and track their progress, or unlock a bonus  by earning points?


Can it send an email if someone is falling behind in a course or has not engaged with the content?


Will it run on my server?


Can I use it in conjunction with an existing site?


Can it automatically generate a PDF certificate of completion that can be printed out?


Can it serve up daily randomized content – like affirmation images?


Have another need not listed here? Fill out the contact form on the right and let me know what you need and I will most likely tell you that yes, it can be done with the LEARN CMS.

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